Hurt Yourself and the Ones You Love by Forgotten Tomb

11 November 2019

You may notice my goal is to review as many albums as I can, especially for this year. I’m sticking with that goal for a band I barely know. Forgotten Tomb is doom/melodic black metal band that would usually have slow paced, Agalloch styled, tracks that can NE very soothing or creepy depending what your tastes are.
First things first, the album cover. I know Coverkillernation covered this already but the album cover looks incredibly stupid. Creepy, but stupid nonetheless. Seriously, I get they were trying for a,more mainstream approach, but you made it deathcore. As for the music, while its decent, it seems unpolished and just uninspired. Even some of the titles are bad, say Bad Dreams Come True for example. For my first listen to a band I know nothing about, they’re not giving my good first impressions. Though, that doesn’t mean I hate this album, no. Not at all. I do like this album, but they left me with some mediocre choices here. The sixth track is the most interesting due to its story but, here’s the thing, the story is about a depressed man wanting to get revenge on his family. So he decides to kill his family then kills himself afterwards to…keep them safe? Yeah it just doesn’t make any sense. The last track however, Swallow the Void, makes for some good atmosphere when say, playing Modern Warfare 1`s campaign. Especially when the mike goes out and kills most of Shepard`s crew. It could have easily been longer though, so its kind of mixed there. While I did find this album at the very least decent, it just leaves something to be desired.
I give it a 6/10. I am the Grim Reaper, signing off.

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