Huxley’s Predictions of Societal Flaws

4 April 2015
Looks at the today’s societal problems and compares them with those described in the novel, `A Brave New World`.

This paper discusses how today’s society has much in common with the society that Huxley describes in A Brave New World and how there are only two basic paths for people to take.
People in America in the 21st century are very similar to citizens of the world state in A Brave New World in the matter of their personal time and what occupies it. Not as much that we do things to distract us, but our popularity is based upon how full our day is. At a very young age, children are encouraged to join as many sports teams as possible. This gives them a chance to find what they like in life and meet many people outside of school, and because their parents did it, and gives the parents a chance to socialize, but it also packs the schedule of these young Americans. Early in their career, they usually practice one to three nights a week. They also go to school 5 days a week, and spend a little time with their friends. The remaining time is spent watching TV or spending time with family. This isn’t that bad. Soon, as they are getting older, they even drop a sport or activity, but devote this time to homework.

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