Hymns and Sacred Songs by Leigh Nash

6 June 2019

Leigh Nash (of Sixpence None the Richer) has released her debut solo album and it is one to be admired. It’s beautifully lucid in both lyrics and vocals. Hymns and Sacred Songs opens with an old-school Gospel/country flair with “Saviour, Like a Shepherd.” Yet, it soon blends into a sound of pop mixed with a slight techno flavor such as in “Give Myself to You.” Even in this, Nash continually keeps a somber air beneath these cheery beats. Still, with this genre style, the music remains simplistic with few instruments, and drumbeats which don’t drown out the vocals or ruin the artistry.

Nash’s vocals are unique which adds something wonderful to the album. She tackles a wide array of styles, giving each song its own feel, from the haunting “Oh Heart Bereaved and Lonely” to the upbeat “Give Myself to You.” The only word I have to describe “Beautiful Redeemer” is, as the title states, beautiful; I almost found myself in tears while listening to it.

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Hymns and Sacred Songs is an album well worth your money. You’ll find that Nash’s spins on classic hymns and brand new songs will soon become favorites.

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