Hymns in the Vineyard

10 October 2019

Most CD racks across the country contain at least a few compilation albums. They areoften disappointing, though, usually only containing one or two good songs. Ihave found an exception: “Hymns in the Vineyard.”

I found thissleeper hit, something not uncommon in the Christian music world, as a result ofan extensive search for something new in the back of a Christian bookstore. Iappreciate the old hymns, so the title caught my eye.

The album is acompilation of 25 classic hymns done with modern arrangements. Not too slow andmellow, and not too upbeat, this is an album for people of alltastes.

Many timeless hymns, even “Amazing Grace” and “HowGreat Thou Art,” are unknown to “contemporary only” Christianmusic fans. So many of these songs are powerful and irreplaceable, and haveuplifted and reached so many. They have a lot to say and, and this album is theperfect way for these songs to reach any crowd.

Twenty-five hymns add upto a good amount of listening time, and I recommend that everyone – Christiansand non-Christians alike – take a trip to the nearest Christian store and pick up”Hymns in the Vineyard.” This is one compilation album you’ll love.

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