4 April 2015
A comparison and review of hypertext literature.

This paper compares various works of hypertext literature: “Radiant Textuality” by Jerome McGann, “The Gutenberg” by Steven Birkerts, “From Text to Hypertext” By Silvio Gaggi, “Hypertext” by George P. Landow, “Hypertext” by Geoffrey Nunberg, “Tolstoy Dictaphone” by Steven Birkerts. It describes the viewer’s input when reading hypertext fiction and literature on the Internet, where a lot of their thoughts, views and opinions become involved in the story. The paper is critical of hypertext fiction and literature on the Web and describes its dreadful inscriptions, boring text and the unattractive style of writings and impassive categorization – not to mention its obvious grammatical errors and mismanagement of HTML technology..
Table of Contents

Radiant Textuality by Jerome McGann
The Gutenberg by Steven Birkerts
From Text to Hypertext By Silvio Gaggi
Hyper text by George P. Landow
Hypertext by Geoffrey Nunberg
Tolstoy Dictaphone By Steven Birkerts
Affects of Hypertext on Fiction And Literature

The writer, Jerome McGann in his book Radiant Textuality has attempted to illustrate that Digital media has the capability to do much more than categorize and classify the approach to the great and brilliant works and efforts of literals and artists. The writer asserts that the digital media has the capability to be a grave, fundamental and significant instrument of unparalleled supremacy, and this power is much further than its presently recognized perspective and documentation skill.

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