Hysteria by Def Leppard

9 September 2019

Def Leppard is an English rock band that started in 1977 and is still producing music and touring up to the present day! In their 37 years of being a successful band they have sold 100 million records worldwide. So far they have released 22 albums but one of their most popular is Hysteria. This particular album was produced in 1987 and seven out of the twelve songs were produced as singles. When this album was realease it ended to sell 16 million albums, 12 million of which were just in the united states. This past 37 years have been full of changes for Def Leppard, they have had a total of 4 band member additions and other changes. Not only have they changed band members, they have also had injuries in band. When 15 year old Rick Allen joined the band he was there drummer for six years until he was involved in a car accident that had severed his left arm.
Despite all the hard time this band has gone through they still proved themselves worthy of the title of a legendary rock band. Def Leppard has had 13 nominations and won two awards, one for favorite heavy metal/hard rock artist and another for favorite heavy metal/hard rock album. Def Leppard is one out of only five bands with two original albums selling over 10 million copies just in the US, along with some of the world most known bands, The Beatles, Led Zepplin, Pink Floyd and Van Halen. Not to mention both of their albums paranoia and Hysteria featured in the rolling stones top 500 albums ever made.
Their album Hysteria is an amazing album with many single hits. I myself have listed to this album a few times over and i must agree with fans that this is a truly incredible album. Not only is it clean cut Heavy Rock its also fun to listen to. Their Music style and song have followed rock through the years while also staying a true beginning of rock and roll band. They have amazing sound that isn’t just to today’s years, their rock is old school, new and every year in between and they have beautifully found a way to keep with the times. I strongly reccomend this album and this band to any heavy metal, hard rock or rock and roll fan that is looking for a good original band.

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