I am a camera

9 September 2016

The whirring of the film and the “click, click” of the shutter – What am I? I am the device that ensures all of your memories are kept alive for you and future generations to hold dear. The tangible evidence may be gone, but I keep the memory alive in the form of pictures and photographs. What am I? I am your window to the world as you’ve seen and captured it. I am a CAMERA. My components are metal and alloy and maybe plastic, but I am as human as you are.

I live your special moments year-in-year-out … All I may need is another battery or simply recharging. You take me places and take care of me, in return I give you back memories of your life. I show you your memories through my eyes – my lens. I share with you the images that move, in still pictures and I give you your past – so you can re-live the dream and hold close those dear to you, even if they are no more. I show the truth of what’s past, I AM THE TRUTH! Sometimes you may see things in one way, but through my lens I sometimes capture it differently for you to view.

I am a camera Essay Example

I am something which helps you to see the world and not to forget. When you are bored or unhappy, all you need to do is to open me up and I will bring back memories of your past. Sometimes I will make you laugh and sometimes I will make you sad, but I always give to you nostalgic memories which with the passage of time are usually forgotten. I capture those memories to keep it alive and everlasting. Your thoughts, feelings and special moments are all encoded and transmitted through the image I produce.

Photographs are transmission of all that we have seen together – fleeting for you, but captured forever by me… A click captures forever the moment that you have only briefly seen, a fleeting image that I can make last forever… Someday another gadget or invention may replace me, but in essence we do the same – you will still have all that we have shared together in the form of pictures and photographs. Through the lens, I am a camera – the eye to your world! To keep it alive for you even when the sighting is no longer there. A picture is worth a thousand words. I am a camera…

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