I Am Not Perfect

1 January 2019

I Am Not Perfect by Amanda A.,Milford, CT As I walked onto the soccer field I had a knot in my stomach and lump in my throat. Soccer tryouts were in exactly 30 minutes. I was too shy to try out freshman year, but decided to go for it as a sophomore. Many of my friends played freshman year and they all had had so much fun. When the coaches walked onto the field I felt as if I was going to pass out. With no athletic ability I began to wonder why I was even there. Everyone immediately grabbed a ball and began warming-up. I stood there not having a clue what to do. My friends came over to show me a few quick moves and drills. I had fun and really enjoyed playing. Every girl on the team, including my friends, were far more skilled than I. The second I admitted that to myself I was fine; I felt as if I had been on the team all along. This experience has stuck with me all through high school. Without realizing it, I learned a valuable lesson about myself. Before trying out for the soccer team, I had always wanted to be perfect at everything. I would do anything to accomplish the high standards I set for myself. During freshman year I was so stressed out over school work that I never had fun. I decided it was time for a change. As with most high school students, my life began to change as I got older. There were more responsibilities, work and worries. When I got my first job, my time became limited. Balancing school, a job and sports has not been easy. Junior year, all the college worries began. I dreaded SATs, along with every other high school junior. Now, I sit and wait to see which colleges will accept me. Through it all I have become a better, more mature person. No longer do I feel that I have to be perfect. Life is not fair at times and I have come to accept that there may always be someone who is smarter, more successful or more talented than I. I know in my heart that I have tried to live my life with good values and morals. Although my SAT scores may not be great and my athletic ability not worthy of scholarships, I have other qualities that make me important. If people are not willing to accept me for who I am, then I do not need to be accepted by them. Knowing that I put a hundred percent effort into everything I do and am honest with myself, I am completely satisfied with the person I am.

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