I am, who i am and proud

5 May 2019

You know how they say “when you’re a teenager, you really find out who you are”. I believe that
statement 100 percent. While most of my peers are still trying to find out who they are, I know who I
am. I am Andrew Colby Delatos, a stylish, fun, honorable friend and comedian. Someone who lives a
drama filled, depressed at times, hypocritical life, on the edge with the word risky never being a
roadblock for me. An animal lover, different in every way, while spending most of my day in my head
thinking. I know what I want and I always go after it with no delay. I have a love for my family that will
burn forever. I am a big dreamer, who appreciates the small parts of a bigger picture, but the one thing
that I am most proud of in every way, that makes me happy and full of pride, is that I am GAY.

Many people do not know what it is like to live the life of a gay. The constant judgment, the
struggle with coming to terms with oneself, the social out casting. I would have to say that I have been
pretty lucky, having not to deal with most of the imperfections with being gay brings. I have a lot of
great friends, widely popular, and a very supported and open minded family. I feel if you always have
these things, you will never need anything.

Ever since I was a small boy, I knew I was different I knew I like sports, power rangers and
playing with my friends. So these weird feelings and thoughts, I left at the back of my head, not
understanding what it meant. It wasn’t until middle school, when I found out what these feelings were
called being gay. So throughout those awkward three years, I hid this fact from myself, shooting it down
if it ever tried to reach the surface. I kept telling myself “Andrew this is wrong” but really I was just
looking at it from societies stand point but in reality it was perfectly normal and accepted. Something I
would not learn until high school.

The start of high school, I knew in my hearts of hearts things were going to be different for me
personally because I started to notice things in a different light. First off there were other gays in the
school, which made me feel like wow this is perfectly normal to be who you are, and be proud of it. It
seemed that everyone was perfectly fine with gays(well most of them), they were totally accepted
which made me feel comfortable. They still poked fun at them but they did it to be rude. The best thing
about being openly gay was that people started to see me for me. It was like I could stop being this fake
person and be the real me. It was so much better than being accepted.

I feel the problem with today’s society is that they are so wrapped up in judging people by the
outside. When really they don’t look deeper to find the real person. I am a human being and nothing
else, I may be a little crazy, but all those qualities on page one are who I am. Being gay is one of my
favorite qualities that makes me, me. This will be a difficult life but it is my life.

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