I Come in Peace

Hi, who are you? I am nothing exceptional. In my community, some lead, some follow, and some just stand in the way. I am pretty obscure. Nice to meet you, I come from Earth.

Where I am from, I have never held student office, have never organized a toy drive, and have never volunteered at the soup kitchen. I do not compose music and hold free concerts for the children, do not recycle weekly (I do, however, drive American.) I do not attend church weekly, adopt animals in my free time, nor live by Biblical quotes. I do not concern myself with planting trees on every inch of land, and my purpose in life does not include saving the dying whales.

Being a role model, not only as a mentor to students of lower grade levels, but to an easily-influenced younger brother, may count; I must carefully execute every move. My rank in the top 3% of my class must surely say a tiny bit about me–hard work? Dedication? Maybe even…a shred of intelligence? People say employment speaks a little. I say it rather screams “competence, dependability, and efficiency.”

Being a varsity swimmer is no big deal, either. It only means grueling practice every day of the school week, arriving home at ridiculous hours after meets, and still acing that test the next day. Or maybe the broad spectrum of the people with whom I associate highlights my sense of humor, open heart, and love for people.

Surely, though, all this must not count, because my life goals do not include the rational hope of “saving the world” and being president of the school’s Cheese Club.

I feel obligated to mention one more thing; I am a tad demanding–I expect and strive for no less than excellence. I must add that I am also quite lenient–If I am not number one, I can somewhat deal with tying for first place. In all seriousness, being a part of the Earth community is tough and I bump around here and there, but I cherish each experience.

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