I Don’t Want to be a Cat Anymore

2 February 2019

The struggle to find what one wants to do with their life begins at an early age. A five year old may plan on becoming a firefighter or an astronaut. As one ages, so do one’s dreams. They become clearer and more directed, and most teenagers become concerned with their immediate and long-term futures during their last years of high school.When I was five, I wanted to be a cat. Quite obviously, that wasn’t going to happen for me.

In the eighth grade, I was sucked into the world of art. Soon, it became more than a hobby – it became a passion. At the age of sixteen, I sold my first pieces of artwork. Now I regularly take commissions. I have done custom pieces for people in various places, like the Netherlands, Australia and Holland. Several people have had my custom tattoo designs permanently inked into their skin.

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Much to my pleasure, the experiences I have had with the artistic world have only expanded since my first “discovery”.

I designed the logo for a rescue center for dogs called Griffin’s Pride and was very proud to do so. While I treasure the traditional art I do, I also aspire in photography and photo editing. I am a detail oriented person and any work I do, I consider it just that – my job. Therefore, I do it to the best of my ability and aid others in any way I can.Recently I have been looking into a career in the art field that would suit me. For a while I considered animation, but I feared losing my passion for it through repetition. I was lost for a while and starting to consider settling for “good enough” when suddenly, an unexpected opportunity arose.

During one of my college searches, I had filled out the form to receive more information on their programs. That night, DeVry University called my home, and after a two hour long conversation, I was applying for their online course to earn my Bachelor’s degree in Multimedia Development and Design. A folder packed with information on the course was sent to me in the mail, and the more I learned, the more I loved the idea. With this program, I can earn my Master’s by the time I am twenty-three years old. The promise of a career in web design, animation and the skills to manage and publish thrills me. I am more excited for my future than I have been since I wanted to be a cat.This is something I truly feel I will enjoy doing for a living.

It has the business aspects I like, and the excuse to use my artistic talent is a bonus. At the moment, my biggest hindrance is my financial status. We are a very low income family, and without scholarships, college is not an option for me without taking out $68,000 for my Bachelor’s alone in loans. I take myself seriously and am often told I am mature for my age. I am not taking online college courses to slack off, but rather to work in-between classes to earn as much as I can toward my school expenses. To me, this is an open door that can bring me toward my adulthood as efficiently as possible and train me in skills I take pleasure in and to make a living doing something I enjoy. In all honesty, how many people can say, “I love my job in every way?”

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