I Like That EP and concert by Before You Exit

9 September 2019

The lights come up, and Orlando based Before You Exit jumps into a high energy pop song that immediately has the crowd pulsing with energy. With a sound that is a unique blend of current boy band stardom with a hint of hits from the 90’s such as ‘N SYNC, Before You Exit is up and coming but destined for success.

Crowd favorites include their” Dangerous”single, “Soldier”,”I Like That”,and “Three Perfect Days” from their I Like That EP. BYE’s covers of popular songs such as Fun.’s “Some Nights” and John Legend’s ” All of Me” are harmonic renditions that the audience also loves. The band’s harmonies are just a small part of their musical dexterity. Lyrics are primarily written by Riley, while Connor contributes his musical genius.The members of BYE continuously trade off vocals and various instruments, which provides a refreshing musical experience for the audience and shows off their well- rounded musical abilities.

Brothers Connor (20), Riley (18), and Toby (16) keep the audience engaged during the entire concert, not just with their harmony filled songs and heartfelt lyrics (“Soldier” opens with ” You’ve got holes in your jeans, and a few in your heart, you don’t know what it means to me to watch you fall apart”) but with their fan interactions as well. Before the show, VIP pass holders took pictures with the boys and watched them perform during the sound check. During the show, a few songs were chosen by audience members who were called up onto the stage to pick a ping pong ball out of a hamster ball, which then had the song name on it. The boys’ connection to their fan base is also seen in their conversations with audience members between songs and their social media following.

One Direction definitely has some competition! Before You Exit’s show was a vibrant display of talent that has left me wanting more. I already have my ticket for a show in June! There are several chances to see them in concert on the East Coast during the summer of 2014.

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