I Live Against It

2 February 2019

Dehydrated, sedated, and scared I went into nine hours that became the climax of my eighteen years. Dr. Bruce A. K. headed up the procedure, partly removing a cancerous tumor from my brain stem on July 26th, 2007. When life’s going seemingly perfect, bumps always find their way in.
I’m not pleading sympathy, nor do I expect any. Simply, I’m giving you what life has given me, an understanding. Life is short, long, and everywhere in between. Cancer was a five letter word that opened my eyes to the future. I’m not sure of the time I have in this life, nor is anyone. My life is meant to change. Whether that is changing the world, or one life. I often wonder what I will have left behind when I’ve drawn my last breath.
When something lives within you, you’re aware of its ceaseless presence. Sometimes it gets the best of me. I’ve decided against giving in to it. Nothing will hold me back from the life I deserve. People often ask me, “What’s it like living with cancer?” I’m not living with cancer. Every day I wake up and live against cancer. It is part of my story but only one factor that has shaped my life. I believe that interactions with other humans are the main shaping of your life. This is why I cannot wait to experience a part of the country beyond my backyard. Everyone and every experience will shape my life. Positive, negative, or otherwise, I want to take in all I can during my journey.
I bring with me, an undying light, a tumor, and a zest for life. Still I stand, and I extend myself until I burst. My life will have no regrets, I don’t have time. There is much to accomplish and many dreams to fulfill.

Now I need a place ready for me. Somewhere I can join others wanting to experience life. I have never fit into a normal or standard life. For me, life has been a shade of gray, a space in between, and a whimsical adventure. So, I’m ecstatic looking to the future for growth, change and life.

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