I Love Rain

5 May 2017

There’s something romantic in the rain that i cannot explain with words. i guess this something that all of us.. the rain lovers got in our souls. ‘i love the tinypitter-pattering sounds that make everything seem so huge, so endless. listeningto those sounds, trying to find them while walking along a misty path ismagical. ‘i love how powerful a thunderstorm can be. the fact that I can’t control its violent nature makes me seem small, and alive. it’s very comforting. rain is good.

I love the way the air feels Just before a storm rolls in. I get goose bumps and if I can chill out with some mellow music or movie, I’m in heaven.. it’s kinda strange to go for a walk while everybody is trying to hide from the rain,but i don’t care. i Just love it. it becomes really quiet, which is great becauset it pushes away the maddening crowds. i go to my favorite spot and run withfull power till i can’t catch my breath anymore. especially if you’re angry orunder pressure, it all goes away with the rain. hey’ll Just sit somewhere,listen to some of my favorite music usually some instrumental stufO and feel the rain pouring on my body. ‘i love its smell. And the sound it makes. I love watching raindrops falling down. ‘ also love umbrellas; they can be so colorful and beautiful. or Just standing in the rain when everybody’s hiding from

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