I Love You. by The Neighbourhood

9 September 2019

The Neighbourhood (THE NBHD) – Music Review

Lately a new indie band has been hitting the scene; its pop-esque, dark, and bass-heavy tone has nearly everyone in shock. Right out of California, this band is surely the type that you’d imagine coming out of the ‘slums’ of California. They give themselves the name ‘Hoodlums’ because they tend to create a certain ‘young, carefree, and emotionless’ atmosphere with their music. It’s not just about the sounds; they like to intermingle with visuals in order to display their own personal perspectives on what they create. These particular factors make for an utterly unique band.

I Love You. by The Neighbourhood Essay Example

This fairly new quintuplet band joined up to release an EP called, “I’m Sorry…” in early 2012. Their mass-media discovery occurred when “Sweater Weather” was released in the very same EP. Since then they’ve continued to expand their music and further develop their sound. Soon enough, they began touring across the nation and in April of 2013, released “I Love You.” which was their first album.

‘The NBHD’ tends to create music with minimal lyrics and more melodious components, which evokes a feeling of fear and power all at the same time. Fear of the world, and the power necessary to conquer it. Of course, music affects everyone differently, so why not give them a listen for yourself to decide?

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