I Studied *Uncertainty* at [Insert Text Here]

11 November 2018

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I Studied *Uncertainty* at [Insert Text Here]
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I know how you feel. Everyone else around you already knows WHAT they’re going to study and WHERE they’re going to do it. They are sure of it and respect it and talk about it so much it’s kind of fanaticism. And that’s what it really is. They probably know what they’re going to study based on TV Shows or what they parents told them they should study.

But being a Suits, Grey’s Anatomy or Criminal Minds fan and being the role model child who always does as he/she is told by their parents, is not enough for you to decide what you want to do for the rest of your life, and even more important, it certainly won’t assure you that you are going to be successful at it.

I’m only a junior, but about two weeks ago, College Talk was a pretty hot topic among my friends and relatives. It seemed like everyone knew what they were talking about and always had an answer for the different questions related to the matter. Me? I was clueless.

So, as a responsible citizen, I spotted a problem and looked for help. So, I came running to my college counselor’s office for the first time. After talking to him, I felt so much better. He told me that probably only 2% of the people I know and claim to their grave what they’re going to study are actually going to do it. All humans, we change our minds. Let alone teenagers, gee, that’s what I call mind-and-mood-super-roller-coaster-swings. He also told me that there’s a key to everything. You can study anything in the best school, but you’ll never be successful if you are not happy with what you are doing. Enjoying your day-to-day. That’s the answer.

Plus, he explained that in most schools in the US, you don’t have to declare what your major is until the end of your second year. So, basically, you can take various classes for the first four semesters and decide whether to follow down that specific path or nah, thanks. And I agree completely with that policy. There’s really no way of knowing if you like something or not if you’ve never been exposed to it, so until you take the actual class, you’ll be able to have an informed and your own personal opinion on the subject.

So, don’t stress about it. It’ll hopefully come to you in time. For now, just worry about your high school and live today, because in a few years you will be regretting not enjoying now. And remember to not base your decisions in what other people tell you or think it’s best for you, do whatever fills you and makes you happy.

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