I Wanna Be a Billionaire

2 February 2017

All guest rooms are decorated in classic and elegant French style. The decor includes discrete working facilities, such as a large desk equipped with high-speed Internet access. All of these were provide in order to satisfy the high end customer and the entire targets customer that will come to this hotel. The value that customer perceive will higher than their expectation when they stay in this hotel. Incentive groups: This hotel is good location for attract incentive groups because it’s near many tourist attraction and fashionable areas.This hotel is deluxe hotel and convenience to spend the time at this hotel to enjoy the variety of thing in Paris and good place to relax and good atmosphere.

Also this hotel has the aura of the historical city by decor valuable collection of old furniture was restored. Leisure Vacationer and business traveler: This hotel located in an older part of the city, near the Louvre, the historical Toiletries Garden and Golden Triangle that prominent point to attract leisure vacationer. This hotel provides various services for customer.Business traveler visited companies located in the vicinity of the hotel, for business in sectors such as banking, fashion and insurance. 3. Specify feasible marketing objectives and goals of your chosen case study. Discuss how these objectives and goals are being set to project promising business directions of your destination/ business situation as mentioned in case study.

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Hotel Four Seasons George V Paris is a luxury hotel located close to the Champs Elysees which is the most famous tourist destination in France.The main problems of this hotel is the declining of revenues that are come from many factors such as economic crisis, political crisis, etc. and try to increase revenues that is the main goals which they try to achieved. * Become world brand recognition George V is very strong image hotel and resort. George V Paris expect to be “the city’s luxury hotel that uniquely combines natural elegance elegant with a splendid decor, unique floral arrangements with an ever- smiling personnel. Gain market share for 60% in Paris The company is focus on competitive position. Hotel Four Seasons George V want to gain a widely market share to create the stability in the company.

* Steal and maintain target customers The hotel’s overall philosophy was to concentrate on service. The following phrases were often used by guests who have stayed at the George V: memorable; royal treatment; favorite hotel in Paris; efficient, friendly, and capable staff; finest hotel; best hotel stay ever.The hotel should maintain these phrases, develop products and services that it serves and it will achieve this objective. * Reduce hotel room cost for make customers who come from other regions can afford The most of guests are high-class because they focus on standing price, it make other segments or individual are low demand to come to the hotel which has non-flexible prices. * Establish promotions for customers at least 2 campaigns/month Establish attractive campaigns for customers can helps hotel have more revenues.

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