I Want to Live

11 November 2018

I tried to fit in…Be like everybody else…I was afraid to stand out because then I would have to stand by myself. It is not easy…It seems like the whole world is against me…

I want to get a decent job so I will have just enough to live like my neighbor…My goals are set by opinions of majority…My dreams are captured in my fears, I am no longer me.

You need to get that bachelor’s degree even though your dream is to become a farmer and live in a country… You go for nursing when you actually want to become a businessman, but afraid it won’t work for you and you will fail if you go into business. No, you’re not strong enough…You go for security and safety…

So many demons in my head…so little time to live…I am afraid to go running for my dreams, lost and desperate on my way…My life seems miserable now..I do what is socially considered “normal”,forgetting who I really am… I need to find a way out of it…Conformity kills me inside. I am existing. I want to LIVE!

I am waking up, I am opening my eyes. I look out of the window, and I no longer see window stains: I see a sunrise.

Now I know: I can do this. It’s possible!

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