I Would Like to Join the Community of St. Nobert

3 March 2019

I can remember the exact day I knew I had to be a St. Norbertine. It was March 12, 2008 and I had gone in to my guidance counselor to fix my schedule for junior year. As we were finishing up she handed me a pamphlet of Wisconsin’s private schools. She flipped open the pamphlet to St. Norbert’s page and said, “Here’s the kind of school you’re looking for.” Later that night I hopped on the St. Norbert’s website and while looking at what St. Norbert’s has to offer I realized something. St. Norbert wasn’t the kind of school I was looking for – it was the school I was looking for. Ever since that day, the more I’ve learned about St. Norbert’s the more I yearn to be a student there.

I would like to become a member of the St. Norbert family because St.

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Norbert is my dream school. I need a school that has a strong English department, plentiful opportunities to volunteer, intimate class sizes, and closer to home. St. Norbert provides me with all of these qualities, plus more.

As a member of the St. Norbert community I hope to accomplish what every incoming college student wants; to leave a legacy. I plan on being involved at St. Norbert’s because being involved comes naturally to me. I want to find my place amongst all the activities and students as someone who is smart and willing to work hard. After I graduate and start my career I want the students and faculty of St. Norbert to remember Claire Westlie as always being ready to try new things, a hard worker and someone who truly cares.

As I fill out college applications, think about college and plan the future I’ll admit that I’m nervous, but I’m ready for the challenge and I hope in the future to call St. Norbert home.

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