Ian Lemke – Compare and Contrast

6 June 2017

Compare & Contrast In 1848, Cady Stanton gave her ‘Declaration of Sentiments,’ pleading for the right to vote and fair treatment to be given to women, which was promised already in 1776. While the country was still young, John Adam’s wite, Abigail wrote him a letter requesting the rights of women be Included In the document he was having written. This was the Declaration of Independence. 30th of these selections have a common goal: they are being written with the purpose to gain women more rights. Even though they were written with the same purpose in mind, they are very different.

The mood and layout of the articles are completely different, not to mention they had completely separate audiences Despite the obvious differences, they both hit home with their intended audiences. Abigail wrote her letter tor her husband alone. Him being a delegate to the First conunental congress, she had hopes In mind that she could give women the rights they deserve, that she could raise the status of women by leaving an impact on the founding document of the country. Using threats of rebellion, she asked him to “Remember the ladies, and be more generous and avorable to them than your ancestors”.

Stanton, author of the Declaration of Sentiments, wanted to influence the opinions and gain support among the public as well as the leading government officials. Not solely expecting to win the tight tor equality, she had hoped she would make enough of an Impact that people would hear her voice and fight for a change in political structure. She fought for a change in the legal status of women. Using powerful statements like “Women are civilly dead,” as they’re denied voting privileges, and that marriage deprives women of their ndependence, she got a lot of attention and support from all sorts of places. ntortunately, despite their pleads being heard by the nation, it wasnt enough. There’s a big difference between being heard and making a difference, which they regrettably found out. They tried their best, and clearly left their mark on history but It took another 72 years before women were given their basic rights and freedoms. The saddest part is there’s still prejudice everywhere you go, all we can do is keep fighting for a positive change and hope it comes soon!

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