Ib Music Investigation

3 March 2017

“The Temple of Hate” and “Inner Vision” Both songs, “Inner Vision” and “The Temple of Hate,” are of the heavy metal genre. The song “Temple of Hate” is written by a Brazilian – American heavy metal band named Angra. The song “Inner Vision” is written by an Armenian – American heavy metal band name System of a Down. In this musical investigation, I will compare and contrast these songs, as well as the bands themselves. I will compare and contrast the song’s musical elements, as well as the storyline and the way the songs are set up.

System of a Down, also known as SOAD, is an Armenian-American rock band from Glendale, California. The group formed in 1994, and later split in 2006. The band consists of Serj Tankian who sings lead vocals, and also plays the keyboards. Daron Malakian is the lead guitar player. Shavo Odadjian mainly played the bass. Last but not least, John Dolmayan whose main job was to play the drums. The band first started after “Soil” had split up. Tankian and Malakian decided to start a new band. Their band name came from a poem title “Victims of the Down”.

Yet they were convinced that the name System of a down would be more appealing to the public. The song “Inner Vision” is just one of their many songs. It came from the album “Steal this Album” which was released to the public on November 26, 2002. Angra is a power metal band from Sao Paulo, Brazil. Angra was formed in 1991 by Santa Marcelina Music College students vocalist Andre Matos, duo guitarist Rafael Bittencourt and Andre Linhares. The band Angra now consists of Edu Falaschi, who is the band’s leading vocals. Kiko Loureiro happens to be the band’s lead guitar player.

Rafael Bittencourt happens to also play the guitars for the band. Felipe Andreoli is the band’s base player. Last but definitely not least, Ricardo Confessori is the band’s drums player. Unlike System of a Down, the band Angra has not split up, and they keep coming out with new music every year or so. The song “The Temple of Hate” came from their album called “Temple of Shadows. ” You see the relation? Get it? “Temple of. ” Anyways, the band released this album in January of 2006. A song is split into two, yet equal groups, the actual music played, and the lyrics sung throughout the song.

In the two songs, “Temple of Hate” and “Inner Vision,” you can actually hear that both songs use the same type of instruments. Since both bands are heavy metal, you can hear the way the drums take up an important part in the music and is heavily inflicted into the songs. The drums are played with lots of experience, and since it is a heavy metal band, the drums are played really fast with lots of precision. In the song “Inner Vision,” the drums are the main instrument being used in the song. The drums are being played very heavily and efficiently by Dolmayan.

If you ever happen to watch any music video with System of a Down, you will often notice that the drums player is always very exhausted at the end of the song. That is because the drums take up the most important role in this band’s genre. In the song “Temple of Hate,” you can also hear the drums going off as the main instrument. In both pieces, the drums are very heavy and take up the main role. Another important instrument in these songs, are the guitars. In each song, a heavy metal guitar bass is being used to get the “metal” type of feeling.

Another key factor in these songs, is that there is a small section in the song where the guitarist does a solo. Meaning that at that specific time, the only instrument that is being played is the guitar. I think this is a very heavy contribution to the songs, as well as the band. In order to be a metal band, you must be able to play a killer metal guitar. When each song starts, you can hear both the drums and the guitar being played at a vigorous speed. Its almost amazing how they are able to defy the laws of physics. Another key factor I stated earlier was that the lyrics to a song are just as important as the actual music being played.

In the song “Temple of Hate,” the lyrics are introduced into the song at about 55 seconds into the music. The lyrics in this song are very dark and demeaning. By looking at the title, you can automatically assume that the song has a very dark feeling to it and is a metal song: “Nations battle on the field across the lands Ruthless – stealing territories from our hands Anger throwing down the victims to the ground Cold blood younger soldiers weeping with no sound Revolution striking down right now! ” This verse is the very first one in the song.

You can presume that the song is about war and revolution. The music goes very well with the lyrics. They feel as if they are being treated unfairly and they start a revolution. The music goes well with this annotation because you can feel the angry feeling to the music, as well with the lyrics. The lyrics also describe how the soldiers are young, and still technically “babies. ” This fits well with the music because it shows a sign of disturbed youth, which inflicts heavy metal music on young adults. “The Temple of Hate” has no sign of a happy ending.

Maybe for the country as a whole, but definitely not for these individual soldiers. System of a Down’s song “Inner Vision,” on the other hand, shows a different style with it’s lyrics: “Well I have a home Longing to roam I have to find you I have to meet you Signs of your face Slowing your pace I need your guidance I need to seek my inner vision Inner vision” These lyrics show a sign of neediness, maybe even greed. Unlike the song “The Temple of Hate,” the lyrics to System of a Down’s song “Inner Vision” shows no sign of a revolution, or being held back against one’s own will.

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