Ibsen’s A Doll House

4 April 2015
A study of Henrik Ibsen’s play `A Doll House.`

This paper examines Ibsen’s famous play A Doll House. The author states that the play is a depiction of 19th-century women and a struggle for the main character Nora to find her freedom as an individual. The paper depicts the journey from unknowingly assuming a role in society, to coming to understand the role.
A Doll’s House is a play about society and the role we are given in society. Ibsen focuses on the place of women, with Nora as his central character. However, even though it is a story about Nora, there is a greater meaning for everyone. Ibsen is asking for people to consider their world and their place in it. To achieve this, Ibsen creates a memorable character in Nora, with all the components of the play meant to emphasize her.

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