Booking and reservation Billing A receipt is generated for each guest on all purchases which is used by the duty receptionist to enter details of guest records. On checkout, the receptionist reproduces this information as an invoice which the guest then pays. The signed invoices are then passed to the accountant.

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Description of the problem * Using manual system Every time the guest makes a booking whether it is via telephone, fax or letter, the staff should write down all the records in the reservation books, the problem is that it ill take so much time for the staff to write every single records, and using papers is not a good idea to keep such important record since papers are easily torn and loose, lastly it will take more space and its expensive to keep on buying books and cabinets. Network unavailable in the hotel Take a break Hotel is still using the stand alone computer as there are no network been installed therefore information regarding the guest including receipt and invoice are print it and then transfer it manually to other department; this can delay the information being transmitted, it will be more tiring for the staff, and also more expensive as the company should buy more paper and ink for the printer.

Task 4 Task 4 (AS): Produce a requirements specification for a business process (MM): Suggest alternative solutions (Del): Analyses cost and benefits. Take a Break Hotel Improvement on the Reservation System As I have reference in the structured analysis, Take a Break Hotel currently still using the old access system which is already out dated therefore, they would like to improve the system in to computerize. The Take a Break Hotel The hotel needs software like access to make their entries to keep track of their costumers and make sure that the date is not to get mix.

The software might also needed to make reservations and to insure the quality of their work The hotel also needs to make sure that they need an online cashing machine like an ATM so the customers can access

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their money at any point of time. The hotel also needs to have online service to ensure that customers can make a reservation online not on the phone as well as pay in advance (online) Questionnaires prepared for the existing employee to give their opinion on what to improve: * Name of the employee? Department you are working at? How long have you work in the company? * Are you happy with the current system in the hotel? * Any suggestion on how to improve the existing system? Objective to the company Upgrade the whole system to computerized system which sticks to the budget given ($673,200. 00) and easy for the employee to understand how to use it. Objective to the computer * Upgrade the current Access system to the latest one * Create well organized database * To install the network in the hotel Data Flow Diagram of Take a Break Hotel: Description of the existing solutions

Telephone, fax and email can be used for the guest to make the reservations however, it takes time for the staff to write all the specification In the reservation book, so instead the staff can use database where he Just have to fill the form easily. If there are costumers from other country or other area they can easily use the internet (Take a Break official website) to make reservations. As for the confirmation letter, it will be quite costly to send the letter to every single guest so it is better to install the network and internet so that you can easily sent them an email.

Not only hat, any transaction can be made online this will give more advantage to both costumer and the hotel. Input, process, and output Input: The guest make reservations to the hotel which will be recorded in the guest database. Process: recording all the guest information and requirements. Output: if the rooms are available the guest will be informed again via email or fax for confirmation. Evaluation of the new solution: Advantages I Disadvantages I Staff needs to be trained to be able to use the new system; this can motivate the employee to do better Job.

I There will be extra cost needed to trained the employee I Well organized data and can save automatically to the system I The cost of installing and repairing the new system is more expensive; however the effectiveness of the new system is better than using the old one. I There is no need to print every single detailed of the guest, so no wasting paper and save money. Other Alternative solution: By installing the new system which is not familiar to the employee

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