Identify barriers to effective communication

8 August 2016

There are many factors that will influence a child young persons development and well being. Poor diet or lack of food will have an effect and can also contribute to the child/person suffering from health issues as a consequence. This will affect there emotions and maybe hormones, they may appear withdrawn or suffer from a low self esteem, they may have problems with there sleep pattern.

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They may have been left alone to fend for themselves there family background may be non existant so they have no ideas how to form relationships or have ever had any form of security provided, they may have never seen a doctor or dentist which would also have a affect to their health and wellbeing. 2. 2 We can support children and young people by providing them with advice and information about there choices and options they have.

Comment on there appearance of there clothes abd there environment help them make correct choices to promote there self esteem, encourage them to find there hidden talents, encourage them to talk about there interests and abilities and encourage them to participate inn recreational activities, show them what options are available to them , give them praise upon there achievements. 2. 3 Explain the meaning of goals and targets familiarise them within a plan , identify areas they will aim for as there targets, include them in the planning process contribute to building of there self esteem of the children and young persons within your care.

When planning a child or young persons goals and targets involve the child or young person within the planning and ensure that the planning process is realistic. Make sure the tasks and activities are achievable, there is no point in making the tasks that they will not be achieved , this would have a negative impact on the childs young persons self esteem. If you plan for realistic goals to achieve the child young person will benefit from the outcome this will enhance on there confidence and self esteem and will grow.

This is a theoretical approach that enables children and young persons to focus and get through the problems they have experienced in there lives and also enables them to enhance on there skills to cope with any encounters they may have to encounter in the future. It is not saying that conflicts and obstacles do not exist there will be times in there lives they will encounter the same problems as they have done in the past but in the future they will learn to deal with them better when they occur.

A child young person will still be able to achieve there hopes and dreams and ambitions. It has a positive out look on life also how life will progress, where you live, the relationship you have, the family, hobbies and even what choices of food you like to eat to what clothes you will wera, the furniture you like in your home. It supports a person and gives for self esteem and well being, confidence to children and young peoples lives.

The choices we make aa a care worker can have an impact on the person in our care, so knowing our limits and competence is a good thing we should not put our own beliefs and preferences onto the children young person we look after. You could for example put a childs safety at risk by missing a safeguarding issue, we should always seek advice if ever unsure by consulting our seniors for guidance if a situation you are dealing with is beyond your knowledge as this could be detrimental to the person in your care.

Evertone who is in employment has rights under the employment act , there are rules and regulations, legislation and policy and procedures that are in place to give guidance and assistance to protect workers and persons they care for. and there families. They give you guidelines of how to perform your working role, guidelines of what they expect from workers agreed ways of working.

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