Identify Reports Into Failures to Protect Individuals from Abuse

11 November 2016


This is the latest case of a failed system to protect individuals from abuse. He was able to abuse children in his dressing room and on the hospital wards he used to visit. Nurses said they knew what was going on and told the children to pretend they were asleep when he visited. A boy scout that was abused in Jimmy Savile’s dressing room said they were alone and when someone came in Jimmy Savile positioned himself so that the person could not see where his hands were and what they were doing.

Identify Reports Into Failures to Protect Individuals from Abuse Essay Example

There is a record to say that people did try to come forward and try to actually make some allegations and they were not believed because it was so difficult to believe that somebody with such status, power and authority would abuse this power and sexually abuse. Although there is evidence of abuse occurring, Jimmy Savile passed away last year before this was raised. Therefore he is not here to defend himself so is unlikely to go to court but there is talks of his knighthood being stripped. Report two.

Castlebeck, Winterbourne View, Bristol – The daughter of an elderly woman who was in the home grow suspicious when she noticed bruising on her mother’s arm just six weeks of being at the home. She took it upon herself to place a hidden camera in the room and secretly film what was going on. The film showed her mother who suffers from Alzheimer being slapped in the face, stomach and the arms. There was times when the woman (who also suffers from arthritis) was manhandled and was not greeted when staff entered the room, instead they put the television on and watched it while seeing to her.

There was one time they put her to bed at 5:30pm, they never switched the television on for her they just left her lying in her bed until the next morning. Despite three inspections in a period of two years – and several letters to management from whistle blowers and former employees – the atrocities went untackled until it was televised on BBC Panorama, now the home has been closed and eleven members of staff have been arrested and jailed under the Mental Health Act 1983.

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