Identify The Main Moral Issue Which George Faces Essay Sample

8 August 2017

The quandary George faced was between his trueness and friendly relationship to Lennie and what he thought he should make. This is really evident at assorted points of the book. George’s friendly relationship with Lennie has hindered him from making what he truly wants.

Although over the class of the book. we doubt George’s program and its feasibleness. with Steinbeck suggesting that George was merely trailing a fool’s dreams. It is evident that these dreams were simplistic. and there were cases when Steinbeck intimations at them being unachievable for George.

However. even without these guesss. it is evident that Lennie is destroying everything for George. Lennie’s retarded thought and behaviour causes them to acquire into problem. Ultimately. George can non keep onto a steady occupation and gets into problem himself.

To me. though. George is afraid of traveling out on his ain. and about ever makes Lennie an alibi.

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With some ambiguity. Steinbeck besides shows the reader that George truly loves Lennie. his concluding forfeit is hiting Lennie. with compassion that he knows the other cats can non and would non give Lennie. This is the apogee of George’s quandary: does he protect Lennie further or kill him. thereby liberating himself from the load of caring for him?

Identify the phase ( s ) of Kohlberg’s Theory of Moral Development of George and Lenny.

Justify your pick of phase ( s ) of Kohlberg by discoursing the chief features of each phase and give illustrations from the book where the characters speak or act in conformity with the phase ( s ) .

Lennie is evidently stuck in the obeisance and penalty orientation. Harmonizing to Crain. at this phase. an single unquestioningly obeys the regulations set out by society or governments. In Lennie and George’s relationship. George seems to be the authorization that Lennie obeys.

Lennie avoids making things that would gall George. and thereby acquiring punished. While at some point. Lennie hid the dead mouse from George. to the full cognizing that George didn’t like it. This is another trait of Stage 1 logical thinking. wherein the single grounds that George might allow him to maintain the mouse because “he ain’t making nil incorrect. merely petting it. ”

George. on the other manus. is under phase two. or the degree of self-interest. Crain points out that the logical thinking is more of returning favours. What is right for the person in Stage 2 is what meets his ain opportunism.

Many times throughout the book. George asks himself “what’s in it for me? ” He frequently inquiries why he’s stuck with Lennie when all he does is to acquire them in problem. and he derives no benefit at all from being with Lennie. But the reply is that George longs for Lennie’s friendly relationship and company. Lennie alleviates his solitariness. which is fundamentally Steinbeck’s chief subject all along.

Besides. George is spurred by his aspiration of the farm they’re traveling to purchase. boulder clay and ain. His actions are guided by what he could acquire in his current occupation. to progress that dream. He speaks of the money he’d get after the work. how he’d save that money to purchase the farm.

George besides goes farther by stating that if he keeps on traveling from farm to farm. he’d have nil in the terminal. but with a farm of his ain. he’d get to work for his ain money and non gain for person else.

However. further into the narrative. George can be classified under phase five. or societal contract driven where the moral logical thinking is based on the greatest good for the bulk. George sees that Lennie can non go on destorying life. and acquiring into problem. so he shoots him. He didn’t want to but he had no pick. George had to compromise his love for Lennie. instead than allow him run amok once more at another clip. He besides shot Lennie to save him from a more barbarous decease at the custodies of Curly and the others.

Identify the chief moral theory George used to decide the moral issue he faces.

Give examples/evidence of the moral theory George used to decide the moral issue ( s ) he faces by giving from the book where George speaks or Acts of the Apostless in conformity with the theory.

As noted above. George was driven by societal contract in the last via media he made. George has realized that Lennie will ne’er larn from his old errors and has a great capacity for injury. so for the greater good of the bulk. he shoots him.

Harmonizing to Crain in his book “Theories of Development” . phase 5 respondents normally talk about rights and morality that take precedence over some Torahs. The fact that George killed Lennie. which is slaying. seems to show this point.


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