That I dream of escaping of pissing off north to find some blue sky. Unlike him I’m not really from here. ’ This creates a feeling of alienation and the fact the narrator is excluded and does not belong. ‘The longer we drive the more the sky and bush open up. ’ This illustrates the journey which the characters are going through, during their formation and discovery of their identities. Tim Winton suggests to the reader, that each characters identity depends on their social status, culture, surroundings and how they are raised. Biggie’s results were even worse than mine… For him, bombing out is a huge joke. In his head he’s always seen himself at the meatworks or the cannery until he inherits the salmon-netting license from his old man. He’s content, he belongs. ’ This quote is an example of contrast and expresses the relationship between the characters as it provides perspectives of the narrator. It emphasises the fact Biggie’s identity is based upon his beliefs and lack of self confidence he has with his ability to do reach his highest capabilities.

The complexity of identity is shown within this text, as Winton shows us the struggles and hardships which are challenged in our society for teenagers, when discovering who they are, and what they see themselves as being. Not only that but the way they develop the foundations to their identities based on their surroundings and influences. Robert Walker’s ‘Ok let’s be honest’, being an elegy poem expresses the complexity of identity through the expression of grief from the character’s loss of his father, and the many struggles his experienced throughout his life. Come read the loneliness and confusion’ is an example of connotation which Robert Walker uses to convey a sense of and sorrow and sympathy for the character. ‘My memory is still wet with my mother’s tears, flowing by my father’s grave’ is an example of a metaphor. This suggests to the reader the character’s identity is based on past events which has formed his present identity. Another metaphor which expresses the character’s identities formation is ‘I’ve cursed my skin’, this quote tells the reader his agony and emotions towards the society.

In Walker’s text the character described himself as ‘hateful and downright dangerous’. This is an expression of his emotions towards society; because of the loss of his father he has expressed himself through anger and rebelling. The complex nature of identity is shown in this text through the shifting influences of the characters identity ‘I ain’t no saint but then again, I sure wasn’t born in heaven. ’ This quote is an example of what the character is feeling and what he perceives his identity as.

He is aware of what he has done in his life, but he is implying that no one is perfect, and the fact he has flaws and imperfections. In Tim Winton’s short stories ‘Big World’ and ‘Neighbours’ and in Robert Walker’s poem ‘Ok let’s be honest’ aspects of identity is explored within all three text through the concept of relationships between each character, belonging and fitting in with the surroundings. Therefore the complex nature of identity is explored through change, belief, language and shifting influences.

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