Identity through insanity

Identity through Insanity Insanity is a state of consciousness that belongs in the deep dark corners of the human mind. No matter how much people try to hide it; there will always be a craving for the unknown and the abominable dark side that society is always trying to hide. This craving excites the minds of people with explicit content and scenarios that are not seen on a daily basis for it is either not accepted by society or it is illegal. Every now and then people need quick fixes that would lower the hunger for horror.

Horror movies exist for the sole purpose of keep the hunger for blood satisfied. We need to keep the inner beast at bay by feeding ourselves with small portions of demonic, bloody, violence, found in horror movies. Everyone is guilty of this crime for it is in our nature In “Why We Crave Horror Movies,” Mr.

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King makes an analysis and a deep introspection inside the human mind in order to discover why people are fascinated with the bizarre, the macabre and the horrendous. According to Mr. King, horror movies appeal to all that is worst in us.

The author explains how people tend to pay money from their pockets in order to buy the uncomfortable feeling of being scared. In one hand, some people do it in order to display some kind of superiority among others; proving that they do not have fear for anything. While on the other hand, some people watch horror movies for the sake of satisfying their hunger. People crave the adrenaline, the adventure, and the sense of freedom they get from it. However, does that mean that all this craving for blood and excitement makes ordinary people similar the ones that are kept in the asylum? l think we’re all mentally ill; those of us outside the asylums only hide it a little better” (King 1). The author addresses how everyone has a special trait or gesture that could easily lassify someone as insane. Things like having a certain kind of irrational phobia towards an animal or simply talking alone. According to Mr. King, insanity is part of human nature; however; the ones that act boldly on it and that try to satisfy their craving through more practical approach are the ones that end up in the asylum.

We are able to hide our insanity compared to the patrons of a mental hospital. Non practical approaches like having repetitive thoughts on killing someone you do not like are the ones accepted by society and they are at least considered tolerable. Why We Crave Horror Movies” is an essay representing identity through self. It addresses how people tend to identify their hidden and sadistic cravings through horror movies like The Shining or Dawn of The Dead. People identify with horror movies for it reminds them of the worst and not the best of which they are capable of.

For that reason, we create a brotherhood of insanity and we come together as human beings trying to embrace the inner dark thoughts. Identity is often associated with feelings and desires; desires like put an end to the life of someone or simply a thirst for watching what is unaccepted by society. People identify with what they desire and crave; what they want to become in order to satisfy that dark appetite. which he uses arguments that may sound irrational to the average person. However, the essence and meaning of the essay are way deeper than what it appears to be.

On the surface, Stephen King is simply selling people the idea that they need horror movies in order to maintain sanity throughout the normal day. He also goes on to say that by ignoring our sadistic urges and desires, we cause more trouble than good. However, if one looks closer and analyzes what Mr. King is trying to say; it would be lear that the essay is basically pointing a mirror to society in order to show how twisted human nature can be. Human nature, like everything in life has a dark side.

This part of human identity is suppressed most of the time in order to maintain a sense of peace and control among people. However, keeping the beast calmed for a long time may cause a sense of appetite for the macabre and bizarre aspects of life. It is like keeping a kid in a bubble for a long time; as a result, when he grows up he would have a sense of appetite and curiosity for the things that were kept away from him as a child. If the hild is bold enough to make a practical solution for his cravings; society would Judge him and put him in Jail.

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