Idiot Nation

8 August 2016

In this excerpt entitled “Idiot Nation”, Michael Moore details his frustration and anger at the sorry state of the United States education system and the role the US government has had to play in its downfall. So how does Moore characterize the politicians and pundits with regard to the state of the US education systems? Well, in a typical scathing rant he labels them as over privileged, ignorant idiots who have no business running the country. “An idiot leader of an idiot nation.

This sums up the feelings Moore has towards this government and its leader, and ultimately his followers as well. A mass of uneducated idiots blurting random sports facts to each other on a daily basis, with the average spending less than 100 hours reading per year. While their President brags of his ignorance to his fellow Yale alumni. This however comes at little surprise to Moore as he astutely points out other examples of such ignorance among former US government officials.

Idiot Nation Essay Example

“We have quite a proud tradition of being represented by ignorant high ranking officials” (pg. 126 Moore 2002). This point serves as a marker for widespread ignorance among US politicians. The sort of ignorance that seems to filter down through the ranks and become apparent amongst the masses. Moore highlights this well as he observes that 70% of graduates from American colleges are not require to learn a foreign language, and that we as the general public believe the rest of the world should adhere to our policies and speak English.

More holds the politicians directly responsible for the state of the US education system, he lifts the blame from the educators and in doing this points out the downfalls of the government and how they have not correctly prioritized budgeting for the good of students and educators.

He also highlights cooperate monetary incentive as a government cloak to hide the dismay of the countries educational facilities and equipment. Moore questions the priority our government is placing upon education in America, pointing out areas where schools seem to be neglected entirely. “163 New York city schools opened the 2000-2001 school year without a principal! ” (pg. 133 Moore 2002). So the politicians in this area have seen it fit to allow these schools to run without anyone in charge.

In an area, as Moore points out, that controls most of the wealth in the world. On top of this Moore observes a remarkable figure regarding the Washington DC school district. “IN 1997 the entire Washington D. C. school system had to delay the start of school for three weeks because nearly one-third of the schools were found to be unsafe” (pg. 133 Moore 2002). This fact holds further significance as it is on the doorstep of the very politicians who refuse to admit that their lack of funding and attention has led to the demise of the American educational system.

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