If I Could Live My Life over

5 May 2017

If I Had To Live My Life Over I would think of how I could impact the world I would start by following my heart Just listen to what my heart tells me, whether it’s good or bad Live in the moment, have fun, live love and laugh Dance in the rain and sing out long I would go out more often and stop thinking negative or who’s out there to get me I would listen to my parent and siblings more often Take all the advice given to me, turn it around and use what applies to me I would have a different view towards the world I don’t know what is it but I have always questioned the world on what it has to offer

In this world you see people that influence you in a positive way and negative way If you are smart enough, you’d choose the one that can take you to the top I don’t know why but have always wanted to be on top of the world Even though I don’t really know what it means to be on top Sometimes I question myself about it, is it by being the richest person to be on top or is it by being the smartest person to be on top I think about these things over and over but then I realize that being on top of the world doesn’t have to do with how rich or how smart a person is; it’s all about being happy

If I Could Live My Life over Essay Example

Most of these people that are rich aren’t happy, some have diseases that cant be cured even with the money they have, while some Just need someone to love to be happy Everyone has problems, no one is perfect and all we need is love and happiness, We need someone who can fill in the blank space in our lives; we need someone who can understand us and provide for our needs; we need someone who can love us and not Judge us, and last but not least we need someone who can help us up when we fall. I would Judge no one based on what have i experienced or seen I would help more people and not neglect them

I would volunteer more and not care about the reward I believe it’s better to do something from the bottom of your heart than to do something because of the money you will get or because of the higher position you will be in Things like this don’t take us to a higher level; it all leads to destruction or failure I believe that when you help people you learn better than doing it for the money. Everyplace we go is a place of learning whether it’s the streets, woods, school or any place your heart can take you And, it’s all left to us to put our self in the right places. If I had to live my life over

I would be more of a leader and not a follower I would be a good example for the young ones I would show respect to my elders, read a book instead of standing on the block everyday watching my life pass me by. I would go to church more often and grow in the lord I would be part of every solution and not pollution For example, if we all come together to find a solution to all the problems that’s occurring in our community or surrounding we can get further than where we are give more donations and help meet the need of others We have many people out there today that need our help.

We have the homeless children, children dying of cancer, and we have our adult as well, we also have the life of innocent babies at stake because of the life their parent choose to live, however, I believe if we come together and make this donations million of people will be given a second chance at life.

If I had to live my life over I would choose my friends wisely It’s good to be friendly with everyone but, we need to be careful with the kind of friends we choose to make I believe there are different types of friends Just like there are different types of animals There are friends that like to see you happy while we ave friends that don’t, we have friends that live to see us rise up while we have friends that like to see the end of our life, we have friends that will lead us to destruction while we have friends that will lead us to success.

However, it is left to us to choose the one that best suit us. I would take a time out to get to know myself better Find out who I am and what my purpose in this world is, I would have more confidence in myself and not care about what people think of my accent I would stop applying the word “l can’t” in everything I do I would think more positive and less negative I would make sure I leave my mark in the world

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