If I Was President

9 September 2016

President If all wishes were horses, then I would wish to be the president of the United States of America. My wishes to be the United States president are not self-centered but are based on the need to make America a better place for generations to come. In the eyes of the world we are limitless but, I believe there are things that are necessary to change to reflect the fame and superiority associated with America in the eyes of the world. If I was president, I would strive to accomplish three major issues. To begin with, to ensure food security, I admit that a government that is not able to feed its citizens has no reason to be in power.

Food security is a situation where all people, at all times, have physical and financial access to safe and healthy food to meet their needs and food preferences for an energetic strong life. A healthy nation is important in a supportable development since a nation cannot develop when the citizens continuously suffer from different illnesses. There is a need for a targeted food security intervention, including food support in the form of direct food relief, food stamps, and indirectly through funded food production. Most farmers in the rural areas are poor and cannot manage to obtain heavy machines for better productions.

If I Was President Essay Example

As the president I strive for the introduction of rural off-farm opportunities to allow even the poorest people to participate and provide additional food supply. This device could even offer financial assistance for the farmers and processing firms to be introduced in these places. This will provide alternative sources of food and change in feeding habits. Where there is a sufficient supply of food, the nation will become healthy which will cause rapid economic growth. These guidelines aim to guarantee food security by providing a dietary intake for all households without exposing them to risks.

Second, I would improve the education system of our country. Ensuring education for all citizens is the base of the understanding of a community. An educated society is easy to govern compared to a society full of uninformed individuals. To improve our education system, I have carefully considered the following actions; training schools for teachers must be updated to more widespread teaching techniques. This would help teachers become more interesting to their students. We could create a forum for teachers, where teachers and students can exchange their deas, experiences, and information. This would create an educated atmosphere for learning. Education should form the whole person; it should be made more important to the lives of the citizens, especially the students. The system of education should be more hands-on rather than being theoretical and inspection should not be geared towards obtaining grades and papers but towards achieving the whole person-hood. Since the world is dynamic, there’s a need to introduce the use of information and communication systems and improve coordination among different departments in our schools.

This requires the installing of computer software as well as connectivity services. Lastly, everyone has a right to access education and therefore I will ensure that no one is deprived of education. Even the poor are allowed to take advantage of this plan which also intends to offer free high school and college education to house even the less fortunate. Third, I would guarantee that our everyday American is safe. Security is very important to our home since we are faced with threats from terrorists and other groups.

I intend to guarantee border patrol to establish confidence to deal with the terrorists and to ensure that they do not get into our country. Security within the border is also planned to prevent the illegal immigrants and further prevent trafficking of humans, drugs, and other harmful substances that may enter our country. A mix of technology, and boarder structure, such as lights, roads, fences, and facilities are critical to expanding control over our borders. Since our economic growth depends on this aspect we have to make sure that our security is well trained to read the signs of time.

It is not only security within our borders which paramount but also even in our adjusting environment this includes homes, work environments, and other public places to avoid in act of crime. Food stability, education and security all play an important role in a sustainable development and the overall welfare of people. To remove illiteracy in people by improving the education system from an abstract sense to a practical one will help improve the economy of the country. I believe with my natural sense to lead this country can motivate me towards accomplishing these goals.

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