If I Were a Shoe

1 January 2017

By: Amanda Diaz Ms.

Newton: Period 6 10/9/12 If I were a shoe everyone would know me. I would always be up and on the go doing things all over the place. No one knows how busy I would be. I would be a pair of converse. I would also have crazy designs all over me. Converses are one of the many shoes that I love to wear. Everyone who knows me knows that I love converse.

If I Were a Shoe Essay Example

If I were a shoe everyone would know me. I would go everywhere that I could possibly go no matter what was in my way. My life would be busy with chores friends and just basic problems in life but my main activity would be making others laugh with my art.People would be talking to me from left to right. Everyone would know my art and my personality. I would definitely be dealing with life in a fun way. If I were a shoe I would be a pair of converse.

Converse, are simple and stylish. Not everyone likes converse because they say that they aren’t comfortable but then again sometimes I might not make you feel comfortable. Converse, are good for being on the go and being fashionable. No matter what you wear, a pair of converse matches anything. If I were a pair of shoes they would have crazy designs all over them.Crazy designs are great for me because when you get to know me I can sometimes be a little crazy. But then again I can be the funniest person to hang around with when you just want to chill, and trust me I’m never boring.

Crazy designs are what make me, me no matter what anybody says. Some of the most important people in life wear Converse. For example, Zac Efron, Katey Perry, Selena Gomez, and many others. Converse allow me to be me, in any situation. Crazy, awesome, cool, whatever what you want to call me. If I were a shoe I would be a pair of converse.

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