If you had to spend a day with someone who will you choose past or present

6 June 2016

If you could spend a day with anyone in the world, past or present, who would you choose and why? RICHMOND UNI ENTRY ESSAY WRITTEN 14/11/12 ON APPICATION TO THE UNI I have chosen Robert Kennedy the brother of the American President J.F Kennedy for many reasons. Time magazine 5 May 1988 described him as “The Last hero” People spend money to listen to motivational speakers and if I had the chance I would spend the day with Robert Kennedy because I ‘am greatly inspired by his life.

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He once said in a speech “Hand in hand with freedom of speech goes the power to be heard, to share in the decisions of government which shape men’s lives.” What good is to have freedom of speech and not use it? It is my firm belief that getting a degree will equip me in me in the world we live today, to have a say in what goes on in community and nation. A wise man once said “Knowledge is power” but even though all of us living in the western countries have the freedom of speech few really use it.

Politicians are put in power by the people to represent the people and I believe this was a man who became more than a politician. I would ask him why he really chose to stand up for the marginalised, is it because of his families Irish roots? His 1966 Day of Affirmation Speech in Cape Town South Africa has been regarded by many sources as the best speech in history. During this time of apartheid in South Africa, Civil Rights in America he had courage to stand up for those that did not have equal rights during that time. He talked about how each one of us can work to change a small portion of events, and in the total; of all those acts will be written the history of our generation.

He went on to say “Even as my father grew up in Boston, Massachusetts, signs told him that “No Irish Need Apply”. Two generations later, President Kennedy became the first Irish Catholic, and the first Catholic, to head the nation; but how many men of ability had, before 1961, been denied the opportunity to contribute to the nation’s progress because they were Catholic, or because they were of Irish extraction? This is a man who believed every human being deserved a fair chance in life and was not afraid to say it.

When Robert Kennedy was appointed U.S. Attorney General the first issue he dealt with was civil rights. Robert Kenned helped end racial segregation in bus terminals and played a large role in the so called “Freedom Riders Protest” and went as far as offering to bail some of the Freedom Riders Protest members who had been jailed. This is a man who chose yet again take a very unpopular route, by disagreeing with the Vietnam War. He led many campaigns against the South Vietnamese war saying it was immoral because of the killing of innocent women and children. If I could spend a day with Robert Kennedy I would ask him if he wasn’t afraid that someone might assassinate him, just as they did to his brother.

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