Igds particular

9 September 2017

In particular you should include comments on: a) The team’s Beeline profiles. B) The team lifestyle. C) Decision making procedures. D) Conflict within the team. E) Team leadership. Q. Critically evaluate the project management of a recent or current project you are familiar with. Identify where improvements could be made. Support your suggestions by reference to established good practice. Q. Critically evaluate the methods used in your organization to assess project progress and to control project costs. Or What are the characteristics of an effective project monitoring and control process?

What tools are available to the project management team to help monitor and control projects? Briefly discuss the potential difficulties there might be in using an earned value management system. Q. How could the current practices in your organization for project risk management be impair After completing your Master’s Degree you are appointed to a major company and tasked with introducing project risk management into the company.

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Develop a plan for this and explain how you would go about this. What are the critical issues to try and ensure the success of such a project?

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