On the topic of Cannabis, it is mostly used by males between the ages of 20-29 years of age and has been scientifically proven to have serious health risks when used. If you are a cannabis user you will most certainly be diagnosed with mental diseases such as depression which does not just affect you as the user, it affects your close friends and family. Although schizophrenia is a side effect of the use of cannabis, it only has additional occurrences, other than another side effect of cannabis called dependence.

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Dependence is a psychological mishap where you believe you need the illicit drug to survive or to make it through a stressful day. A population based study conducted in 1997 indicated that one in three people who use cannabis in the preceding 12 months either abused or were dependent on the drug. With an alarming increase of cannabis users in the community, there has been an unsettling increase of treatment provision for cannabis dependence. Cannabis also has damaging health effects. Evidence has shown that cannabis smoke is carcinogenic and will raise your risk of Ewing diagnosed with cancer.

Although Cannabis is one of the most widely used drugs in Australia, it is closely followed by another illicit drug, Methamphetamine. It is used by 9. 1% of the Australian population and has similar detrimental physical and mental effects on the human body. Methamphetamine is used typically by mid to late teenagers. The illicit drug is snorted, smoked, injected or swallowed which can cause unnerving health effects. This can and will induce paranoia psychosis in people who take this drug.

It is highly likely among methamphetamine users who ensure this drug on a regular basis; the likely hood of being diagnosed of psychosis is 11 times higher. As well as cannabis, methamphetamine also carries the risk of dependence, with dependence strongly associated with injecting or smoking the drug as well as the use of meet on a regular basis. Although I have only discussed the top two drugs in Australia, there are many others with the illicit drug community that willcause similar effects and are still Just as dangerous as the two I have mentioned with in this essay.

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Illicit drugs can and will most certainly affect you outlook on life and damage you mentally and physically, leaving you dumbfounded and frightened of what your future holds. I hope thatthe knowledge and facts I have supplied you with today have or will change your outlook on illicit drugs and whether or not it is safe to use them. The use of illicit drugs is extremely dangerous and although the user does not realism the damage being done straight away, it will become apparent later in Reference list Joanne Ross 2007, illicit drug use in Australia: Epidemiology, use patterns and associated harm.

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