Illuminate • Shawn Mendes

11 November 2019

Chart-topping teen sensation Shawn Mendes rose to fame after posting six-second videos of himself singing on a popular app called Vine. The number of likes and followers grew rapidly on social media. It is crazy to think that social media can play such a big part in a person’s rise to fame.

At just 18, Mendes is one of the youngest male artists to have both of his albums shoot straight up the charts to number one. His latest, “Illuminate,” is great for anyone who enjoys a mixture of pop, rock, and soulful music. As an artist, Mendes has a vibe similar to John Mayer, Ed Sheeran, and sometimes Justin Bieber. The journey he took to write the album, release it, and finally, perform it, is absolutely incredible.

Illuminate • Shawn Mendes Essay Example

“Illuminate” was written from deep down. Each of the songs came straight from Mendes’s heart and soul. The album starts with “Ruin.” The lyrics and melody flow together gracefully to create a soulful vibe. Tracks such as “Treat You Better,” “Lights On,” “No Promises,” and “Honest” are more upbeat. This album definitely has more than one genre.

Shawn’s sweet and humble personality shows through in his music. “I don’t know what you’re going through but there’s so much life ahead of you and it won’t slow down no matter what you do so you just gotta hold on” are lyrics from “Hold On,” a song he dedicated to his dad.

“Don’t Be a Fool” is dedicated to his parents. This is a smooth song to listen to before going to sleep. “Like This” is a slower song that contains the line, “She’s not even drop dead gorgeous, but she kills me anyway.” While listening to this album, I can feel the emotions he puts into the songs. That’s how I know this album was written from the heart.

“Illuminate” took number one on the top album sales chart. Hundreds of thousands of copies were sold in just the first week. It’s definitely Mendes best album yet.

Just three years ago Shawn Mendes was an ordinary teenager who loved to sing. Now he’s headlining his own tours across the world and playing in front of tens of thousands of people. Mendes’s “Illuminate World Tour” came to Madison Square Garden in New York City. Every singer’s dream is to make it to that stage some day.

When Mendes performs he connects with his audience. His passion for his music and performing is insane. Mendes has an extremely powerful and soothing voice. Listening to him perform live is just as good as listening to his recordings.

So far, the reaction from fans to “Illuminate” being performed live is awesome. Mendes plays the electric guitar for songs like “Treat You Better” and “Lights On.” Of course, he can’t forget about his acoustic guitar, which he plays on most of his songs. Also, he plays the piano for a few songs, including “Mercy.” I can’t wait to see what new things he does while performing his new album.

Not only is Mendes a superstar, but he’s also a great person. I believe he’s a positive influence on teens. In just three years, Mendes went from singing in his bedroom to huge stadiums. That has taught all fans to follow their dreams and not give up.

“Illuminate” is a great album for anyone who loves a mixture of pop, rock, and soul. It’s written from the heart, and the lyrics have so much meaning. The passion in Mendes’s voice is incredible. People just can’t get enough of this 18-year-old sensation. Go get “Illuminate” now! You won’t regret it.

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