1 January 2018

Mode/Paragraph Pattern: Illustration Topic: academic success Audience: Purpose: to persuade Genre: college newspaper sidebar Paragraphs: 1 Being Rude! There are many reasons rudeness Is on the rise. One reason, rudeness is on the rise is because rap music demonstrates sex and no respect. For example, Nick Mina] raps about being picky and rude.

In Nick Minima’s rap she specifically talks about how she disrespects people with no problem leaving fans under the impression that being due and disrespectful is the right thing to do.This also makes people watching her Ant to mimic her rude behavior. Another reason, rudeness is on the rise Is because Reality TV has no censors. In fact, The Bad Girls Club Is one of the most disrespectful self-degrading shows because the girls are disrespectful to one another and they don’t use manors. These girls are rude to one another because they all are competing for one title, therefore being rude Is the only way to gain respect In the house.

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The sat reason, rudeness Is on the rise Is because children aren’t being raised well.In other words, young children aren’t being raised the same way that most adults were raised when they were coming up, In addition kids are raising kids and they’re not instilling the knowledge, morals or discipline that their parents once Instilled in them.

Rudeness Is on the rise because young people are feeding Into new societal norms but If they could avoid that and focuses on more valuable stuff such as education there would be a decrease In rudeness.

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