I’m Ready

6 June 2019

I’m Ready

Soon my 8th grade year will be over, and I will be in the immense school, down the hall. In the past 8th grade year, I have been so ecstatic couldn’t wait, but know I know I’m remembering the great times I’ve had in the past. Even though middle school is still functioning, freshmen year is only a couple of months away, and I am going to have to be adapted. The four things that I have accomplished to prove that I’m going to succeed in High School is I’m on National Junior Honor Society, I’ve imbibed to mature a little bit more, I’ve perceived how to handle problems and assignments on my own and used sports to become a better person.

The first reason why I know I’m going to succeed in High School is that I am on National Junior Honor Society.

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Kids, in NJHS, all volunteer at places, and we have to get 10 hours a semester. Since hours are needed, volunteering at the E.C. U and contend cards with them, is how a person could get these hours, and it is very merriment. Also a G.P.A of 3.5 or higher is asked of us, so we have to have elevated expectations. Another reason is that it gives us more responsibility. I need to sustain track of how many hours I do and actually need to transact my hours.

My second reason I know I’m going to succeed in High School is that I learned to mature a deficient bit augmented. After contemplating about that, endeavoring to just not act dumb and to just do my moil instead of quandary around, is was to help. Being more mature, I’ve learned, when someone supplicates me a question I will not just ignore him or her, I will listen and hopefully listen and hopefully answer the question. Lastly, developing into a more mature person, and portraying my age around people, is what a middle school student is starting to work on.

My other reason why succeeding in High School is on my side, is having learned how to handle and solve problems and assignments on my own. When acquiring a intricate project, in any class, I will undertake not to repine, I will just get it done the subdue that I can. Also, when having a problem or something isn’t going my way, trying to make it into a striking situation is my goal. Lastly, when someone says something paltry to me, I will just lay off and not bestow them anything back at them.

The last reason I know that I’m going to succeed in High School is because I’m in sports. For me, existing in sports, like football, baseball, and basketball has taught me teamwork. I’ve learned how to embrace everyone on the team and to be a team player and also, developed a leadership quality from sports. In sports, I have tried to help people on my team out and not just yell at them. Lastly, sports have helped with my attitude. If I am implored to do something by my coach, I will not just smart off, I will try my best at pursuing it.

I have endured so many prolonged memories in middle and Elementary School and know I know I will be compelling new memories in High School. Once it begins, in a snap of the fingers it will be time for college. Being on National Junior Honor Society, learned to mature a little bit more, learned how to handle problems and assignments on my own, and used sports to become a better person are four reasons that I know I’m going to succeed in High School. High School, in a couple of months, I’ll be materializing your way.

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