I’M Unique Because…

2 February 2017

I’m Unique Because…

Being that I have many talents and that family is an important factor in my life makes me who I am. We all have things in common but no one is exactly the same. That’s what makes us unique from one another. We stand out, and make of ourselves what we want people to portray us as, who we want to become in life, and who we want to be known as. I’m unique because I am multi talented. I am a songwriter/produce/ musician, poet, dancer, an actress.When I am home I write and produce my own music, and later mix down my vocals.

I’M Unique Because… Essay Example

That is one of the things I do on my spare time. I have a passion for each of my talents. My sound is unique but not so different from what you here on the radio. Although I listen to many genres of music I love R;B/Pop/Hip-Hop the most, so I try to capture that sound with a little of my personality incorporated so that it’s my sound. No one can capture my sound, because it is me and no one can be me.I get inspired from a diverse number of people. That adds on to what sound I want to capture and put forth in my music.

Learning how to play the piano and guitar help me a lot because they help me capture the sound I want. I express myself in music, movement and words, although other people do the same I do it differently just because, we all have things in common but no one is exactly the same. Another talent that makes me unique is writing poetry.I write to express myself, and to let loose what’s on my mind. My poems incorporate who I am, experiences I’ve had, and what makes me. Everyone has there reasons for writing poetry. When I write I always have in mind people who inspire me, how much I’ve grown in poetry and how I want to continue to grow as a person and poet.

No one has the same reasons for gaining inspiration from someone who inspires you, that’s why I repeat we all have things in common but no one is exactly the same.In addition I think am unique because no one has a family as mine. No one is in the same exact situation as I. No one has lived the same life I have, maybe some have come close to, but never exactly that is why we all have things in common but no one is exactly the same. No one has the same goal in mind and how they are going to go about succeeding. A family can shape who you are and every family is different not exact the same. I am unique because no one can be me and I can not be anyone but myself.

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