4 April 2019

Everyone has people that influence his or her life; it could be in a major way or it could be in a minor, but meaningful way. A person that has influenced my life greatly is my sister Jasmine. Jasmine is my role model. She is considerate, hardworking, and independent. If I ever need to depend on someone, it would be her! I believe that my sister is one of the biggest influences in my life.

My sister Jasmine is 4 years my senior, but she is always right there to support me. She is always willing to listen and give me the advice I need to hear. Although it is not what I would always agree with, it mostly turns out to be helpful. Without my sister, my life would be so much different. I wouldn’t get the support and advice that only she has given me.

I have learned countless things from Jasmine.

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She taught me that I need to be open, strong, and not focus on what others think of me but, instead, what I think of myself. Also that I need to respect myself and others around me. My sister still is an influence in my life and I am still learning from her.

Jasmine has shaped my perspective on life dramatically. She has showed me that I can live life to its fullest without making life changing mistakes. Before she was a big influence in my life I looked at life through scared eyes. I didn’t know how I would make it. Since I was about 8, she started being a impact in my life and since then she has helped me in ways she will never know.

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