Imaginarium(2012) by Nightwish

9 September 2019

If you remember my Dark Passion Play review, you may want to check this out here. Nightwish has been around ever since the mid 90’s starting out with frontwoman, Tarja Turunen. But at the turn of the Once album recordings Tarja happened to have left for what ever reason, leading us to get the now ex-singer Annette Olzen. She sung in two and a half albums all together and then Floor Jansen comes in with the new Nightwish to come out in late March(I can’t wait for that album.) Annette is a great singer in her own right much like Tarja except she has never sung opera. Imaginarium is where she utilizes her higher octane vocal style which works well in alot of cases.

Imaginarium, while doesn’t have a specific story per ce, does also have a movie which uses only some of the tracks from the album in the movie. Tracks like Storytime, Scaretale, The Owl, The Crow, and The Dove, and I Want My Tears Back are all used in the featured length film of the same name, and those are some of the best of the album as well. Much like with Dark Passion Play, this album also contains a long epic, which is vaguely referanced for the line “And there forever remains the change from G to E-Minor” with a man finding the most beautiful piano chord he’s ever heard. This is better than Dark Passion Play but not quite as memorable, hmm, I know, weird isn’t it? Well no matter, the film is also pretty good, both go hand n hand pretty well might I add. This may be counted as a music review, but I am posting scores for both the movie and the album.

As for any flaws, well for the album, it isn’t as memorable. As for the movie, it feels kind of blanc and takes forever to get anywhere in the story.

My fnal score is (Album) 9/10. (Movie) 8/10

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