Imc of Britannia

3 March 2017

Integrated Marketing communication plan for Britannia India [pic] For year ending, Dec. 2012 Britannia Industries- Britannia Industries Limited is an Indian company based in Kolkata that is famous for its Britannia and Tiger brands of biscuit, which are popular throughout the country. Britannia has an estimated 38% market share. The company is growing at a steady rate, and is currently profitable. Between 1998 and 2010, the company’s sales grew at a compound annual rate of 16% against the market, and operating profits reached 18%. More recently, the company has been growing at 27% a year, compared to the industry’s growth rate of 20%.

At present, 90% of Britannia’s annual revenue of Rs 2,200 crore comes from biscuits. Britannia in 2010- • Always committed to constant innovation, Britannia launched Britannia Healthy Start in Mumbai in January 2011. Specially designed with Indian tastes in mind, Healthy Start is a complete range of ready-to-cook breakfast mixes of Upmas, Pohas, Porridges and Oats that are healthy, delicious, and take just 5 minutes to cook! This is the only product range in its category that combines the natural nutrition of multi-grains, 100% real vegetables, pulses and nuts all in one pack. Britannia received the Most Respected Company Award 2011 Britannia Industries: Tempting the youth Britannia is bringing one of its oldest biscuit brands to the fore with an eye on the youth. After its new package colors and size, Britannia Bourbon has come out with a new tongue-in-cheek ad that, shorn of its product shots, would have made it hard to guess it is for a biscuit. Bourbon found a match with the youth who preferred the not-too-sweet taste of this chocolate biscuit. The Rs 120-crore brand has a 33 per cent market share in chocolate biscuits and is expected to post 15 per cent growth after the new campaign. “If earlier, we were not focused on the youth with

Bourbon, then it was our fault that we were not talking to them. Our blind tests and research have told us that they love it,” The tagline, ‘Baahar se kuchh, andar se kuchh aur’, ties the surprising resourcefulness of youth with the biscuit’s characteristics of chocolate sandwiched between biscuits. Hoping to strengthen its appeal with the youth, which it couldn’t boast of until now, Britannia is pegging the brand as an anytime product that, for example, can be had on the go with a cup of coffee. Below the line activities include tie-ups with cafes and college fests and more distribution in departmental stores near colleges.

Based in Bangalore Britannia Industries Ltd is reputed as being one of the top biscuit brands in India. The company was established way back in 1892 and till today has managed to maintain a distinctive position in the Indian biscuit industry specially with its most popular brand called Tiger. Britannia holds a 38% market share in the biscuit industry in India.

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