Immanuel Velikovsky’s Claims

4 April 2015
An overview of Immanuel Velikovsky’s theories of miraculous events. An argument against some of his ideas.

A look at Immanuel Velikovsky’s theories of the justification of ‘miraculous’ events which he claimed had been caused by major astronomical event. The author focuses mainly on the claims outlined in his popular book, Worlds in Collision.
Immanuel Velikovsky, author of Worlds in Collision, was very well read when it came to the texts of ancient cultures. In his book he argues that our solar system has changed dramatically within the last few millennia, impacting considerably on the course of history on Earth. I will attempt to show that his statement, based on these ancient writings, is flawed. He does not question the veracity of the texts and takes everything said as literal, leaving them greatly open to interpretation. I will also illustrate how Velikovsky’s theory is disproved by geographic evidence, which he fails to investigate.

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