Immigrants’ Problems

4 April 2015
History, psychological stresses, assimilation vs. pluralism, language, discrimination, laws and religion.

This paper is an examination of the psychological stresses caused by immigration and the resulting discrimination suffered by newcomers at the hands of the resident population. In the United States, a nation built by immigration, historical tradition has been to welcome outsiders and the diversity they bring. However, in practice, this tradition has turned into a suspicion of strangers, a dislike of alien cultures, and an open opposition to new arrivals. Current residents tend to view immigration that has already occurred as beneficial and healthy, while new additions to the population are seen as bringing economic and cultural destruction to the status quo. This is attributable in part to the human tendency to fear and oppose change and the unknown, as well as a natural preference for homogeneity. For the immigrant, arrival in a new culture demands that he or she either cling to practices from the old culture or attempt complete assimilation into the new.

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Both choices make huge psychological demands on the individual, subjecting him or her to..

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