Immigration Policies in the U.S

8 August 2016

Imagine walking or riding on a bus for almost or more than a month. Imagine scorching hot days, humid nights, and not being able to sleep at all. Imagine having to risk your life for a better one for you and/or your family. That’s what undocumented immigrants go through almost every day just for an opportunity at the American Dream. There should be pathways to citizenship for undocumented immigrants because it gives their kids a chance to get an education, it helps the economy, and it helps the United States focus on more important things.

Allowing undocumented immigrant’s citizenship means that it gives the children of the immigrants a chance at an education. In the article, “Current Issues of Immigration”, it states that in 1982, there was a court case, Plyer vs. Doe, and in the end of it, a law stating the kids of undocumented immigrants get the same education as kids who are not undocumented. Since that law was created, the immigrants children are allowed at a chance of making something out of themselves.

Immigration Policies in the U.S Essay Example

Having their children get an education means the immigrants would want to stay there even longer, so more of a reason to give them citizenship. The “High School: Current Issues 34th edition” states that many immigrants come here to the United States in order to give the opportunity of a better life to their children. Granting the immigrants that citizenship means they would be able to give that to their kids. Another statement from the “Current Issues of Immigration” states that the number one reason immigrant leave their home country is to provide a better life for their family, and to get a job. Again, citizenship would make it a whole lot easier to achieve that goal. Giving citizenship to an undocumented immigrant not only helps out one person, but the whole family as well.

Allowing undocumented immigrant’s citizenship would actually help the economy. The “High School Essay” article states that undocumented immigrants take the jobs Americans do not want. Those getting the jobs basically save the companies from going bankrupt because they have more employees making them more money. A statement from the “Issues of Illegal Immigration” article says that the immigrants get paid less so the owners do not have to worry so much about giving out a lot of money. The owners know that the immigrants just want a job so they are able to give them as little as they want with no hassle. Adding on to the “High School Essay”, since the undocumented immigrants get paid secretly, it makes things better for the bosses and owners because it gives them more money. So, it just makes things easier, and less of a problem. Hiring undocumented immigrants helps the economy because it expands the businesses, not destroy them.

Allowing immigrant’s citizenship would let the United States focus on more important things. The “High School Essay” states that letting immigrants have citizenship means that there would be less boarder control. Thus, wasting less money on artillery and having to pay the personnel to have to guard the long and big boarder. Also, the process of deporting all the immigrants back wastes too much time and money. In the documentary, “30 Days”, the narrator, Morgan Spurlock, stressed that it could take as much as a year or more for only one immigration case to be finished. Now imagine millions of those cases. It’s a waste of time and money.

Since immigration is always on people’s minds, granting the citizenship would be less of a problem and the people would not worry about it. According to the “High School Essay”, when people would stop worrying about the immigrants, there would be less protests and public hearings. There would be less commotion and more peace. It would just be calm. Eventually, granting the citizenship would not only help the immigrants, but the American people too.There should be pathways to citizenship for undocumented immigrants. First, the immigrant’s children get the opportunity at an education. Second, the undocumented immigrants could help the economy. Last, granting citizenship would mean the United States will be able to focus on more important issues. People, no matter what race or ethnicity or beliefs, should be given a chance and an opportunity to not only help themselves, but the people around them too.

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