Immigration to the United States

10 October 2016

Therefore some judge that immigration is a threat to the U. S. They should not consider that because everything that occurs is not due to immigrants. The government can stop illegal immigration right now but would it not affect the U. S. more to do so? Restrictionists claim that large-scale immigration-legal and illegal-has depressed wages, burdened government resources, and acted as a net drain on the economy.

Thus, if immigration was eliminated, the U. S. would have fewer workers. With a reduction of workers, money would be less therefore, causing the economy to plunge. People come to the U. S. to work and make a living, why would the government want to stop that? “If Americans would simply cut their own grass, clean their own houses, and care for their own children, there would be no need for immigrant labors”. But even if this were true, the overall economy would hardly benefit from having fewer workers. Without immigrants, the economy would not flow smoothly because the workers make the jobs and economy better.

Third world immigration is not a threat to America’s way of life because immigrants work, immigrants participate. Immigrants that come into the U. S. are not coming to harm anyone; they come to work and make a living. Hispanics and other races usually want to find a job and the U. S. has good quality jobs. Despite the presence in our workforce of millions of illegal immigrants, the U. S. is currently creating slightly more than two million jobs a year and boasts an unemployment rate of 4. 7 percent, which is lower than average in each of the past four decades. Therefore, the U. S. onsisted of several illegal immigrants that worked. That shows that they’ve done no harm. Just worked and made a living a majority of the time. They are good workers and as the U. S. generate more than two million jobs each year, the population of immigrant’s increases. It increases because the jobs increase thus, more immigrants come to the U. S. and work. The more people work, the more new jobs are prepared and the better the economy gets. “Just as important, they possess a strong desire to work”. If all immigrants were not allowed to cross the border, who would help enhance the work force?

Researchers show that immigrants have a high rate for working which shows how much help they are. Immigrants also participate more than the average Americans. They are mostly positive about what they do that is why there is a positive effect in their participation. Moreover, the participation of immigrants in the labor force has had obvious positive effects. Immigrants produced goods that went to household spending in the U. S. Most services were also produced by immigrants ranking them as high participants. Immigrants make sacrifices and tough choices to participate in the U.S. Fewer immigrants means a smaller amount of work experiences. It also means fewer ideas for more jobs. Last, Illegal immigration already responds reasonably well to market forces. Immigrants should be allowed to come to the U. S. but not anybody can cross the border just like that. We still need an orderly process, one that includes background checks to insure that terrorists and criminals are not being admitted. This proves that not all immigrants should be blocked out of the U. S. some are superior people and complete everything well.

With a growing economy and more jobs than our own population can readily absorb, the U. S. will continue to need immigrants. There are too many jobs for Americans only to work. Americans need help with all those jobs and immigrants come to make a living help out. If immigrants are kept out of the U. S. , then everything that has been kept precise for all these years will begin to disintegrate. The fear that has not left the hearts of the American people since September 11th of 2001 is now getting turned onto the immigrants and whether allowing them into the U. S. is a threat.

The question “Is third world immigration a threat to America’s way of life? ” is an important question because the answer is no. Although, some immigrants can be dangerous, that is not problematic to the U. S. because they should not be allowed in. Other immigrants come to the U. S. to work and make the economy better. People should begin to appreciate immigrants because without them, the economy would be ruined. Thanks to immigrants, new jobs are made and the economy is in an acceptable condition. Immigrants are proud to work in America and are proud to become Americans.

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