Chrispin Jr. Immigration Policy: An Individual State Decision or a National Subject. For many years in the United States, immigration policies have repeatedly ran across the desks of politicians intruding their minds with questions concerning the legalization, law policies, and other essential ideals concerning immigration. The decision of immigration is constantly wavering with half of politicians in favor of legalizing and half in favor of sending the immigrants back to where they came from. Civilians have wavered between the decision to stand for equality, and some Just don’t care.

Should mmigration policies be decided by individual states? Immigration is a federal issue, and should be decided accordingly. If the states interfere with immigration policies it would not only hurt the states, but hurt the nation. The states are primarily responsible for defining and prosecuting crimes in their state. Immigration law provides for both criminal punishments and civil violations. The states have only been permitted to directly enforce the criminal provisions, whereas the enforcement of the civil provisions has been viewed as a federal responsibility with states playing an incidental supporting role.

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