Immoral Means to Moral Ends

6 June 2016

First of all, I would like to say that I am almost impartial about choosing just one side in the given statement because they each have their strong arguments. I would present beforehand the factors that may have influenced the way of thinking that I have used to come up with my choice.

On one side, one can say that what is immoral could be accepted as moral when it benefits the society or the one whom the immoral act is attributed to. A concrete example of this theory is the most debated topic concerning euthanasia.

Immoral Means to Moral Ends Essay Example

The Catholic Church highly prohibits this act from their members. But take the side of the patient who wants to die to end his pains and his family’s sufferings. He may believe that it is but right to take his life away because he knows that it is almost in its end anyways. His family may have acted immorally when they consented to his mercy killing; but they may just have respected a wish of a dying man to be able to relieve him from all the pains that he is under.

The side which I chose to lean on is to disagree to any use of immoral acts to achieve moral ends. Despite experiencing utmost struggles to attain something, we should never forget that we can always persevere to be able to achieve something without having to take the short and easy way. From the situation above, killing the man who is experiencing tumultuous pains as of the moment doesn’t necessarily mean that you are giving him the peace that he needs.

There are a lot of possibilities that you could have done to relieve him from his pains; Such as being strong for him when he is in his most trying times. When he couldn’t find the strength to move on, his family should be his stronghold.

They shouldn’t give up on him just yet even if the doctors have taken hope away from him. They could probably give him or let him experience everything he wanted to do in his life to take away his thoughts from his sufferings. The family should also see to it that they don’t let the dying man feel that they are tired of taking care of him which would push him even more to the idea of ending his life. They should also consider that they could bank on even just the slightest trace of hope; they should never forget that miracles do happen.

That maybe what they are experiencing is just a test of time on how strong their relationship as a family is. And that when they will finally be able to surpass it and the sick man lives on, he will still serve some greater purpose in their lives or to someone else’s, and if he doesn’t then at least they can live and sleep tight in the night knowing that they didn’t take that chance away from the sick man, Because it was not theirs for taking in the first place.

So despite having many strong arguments on the acceptability of immoral means to achieve moral ends, we should always consider that no matter whatever situation we are in or how trying the time may have become—there will always be a silver lining behind those dark clouds. Man can and will always find a way to get him out of a sticky situation without having to soil his morality. To every problem, there is always a wrong and right solution; you just need to think out of the box and not focus on the easier means which you might regret taking up in the end.

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