Impact of Alternative Energy

4 April 2015
A discussion of policies for the use of alternate energy sources.

An examination of the possible effects of moving from conventional energy sources to alternative or renewable energy sources. The author argues that this transformation could lead to economic destruction. A look at how this may effect society.
“During the second week of the George W. Bush Presidency the new administration turned their focus to the emerging concern for a new national energy policy. In the Administration’s proposal three principles for a sound national energy policy were discussed: First, to create a long-term and comprehensive strategy; second, to promote environmentally friendly and energy supply increasing technology; and third, to raise the standard of living and national security for all Americans. These principles are a summation of the culmination of the fluctuating national energy polices of the past fifty years. The Bush National Energy Policy Proposal developed a new energy policy based on conventional energy policies with an understanding of the need for a movement towards new alternative policies. At the same time, the proposal takes into consideration the need for a balance between different types of energy fuels and the potentially negative social, economic, and political impact of a hasty move towards a complete reliance on alternative energy sources.”

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