Impact of U.S. Policies on the Nation’s Economy

4 April 2015
A discussion on the effects of U.S. anti-terrorism campaigns on the economy of the United States.

The following paper looks at the result of spending billions on security measures in the U.S.A. to combat terrorism. It discusses the ways in which the expenses of security measures affect the GDP and it assesses whether U.S. anti-terrorism policies impact significantly on the nation’s economy.
`Bush may be faced with a puzzle. He may be tempted to imitate Reagan’s military Keynesianism, by trying to make use of state funds to get America out of recession. He has declared that $75 billion would be diverted towards the economy of the nation. But military Keynesianism might just provoke huge inflation that could lead to a crash later on. This might result in job losses and a decrease in trade and the working class will have to bear the consequences, as usual.

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(2) Though the American people may not be expected to be bold enough, the American government is prepared to spend its finds on the fight against terrorism as well as the economic fight they have been pushed into.`

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